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2017 2nd Qtr


Kushtown Sodas is one of the first and most recognized edible company in the industry.  KushTown Sodas is the premier medicated gourmet THC-infused soda in the market. KushTown has been one of the leaders in cannabis-infused beverages and edible products in California, with products to over 200 medical marijuana dispensaries. KushTown’s current offering is 20 soda skews, BBQ, and Hot Sauce. KushTown will be introducing high-quality edibles as well. KushTown has customer loyalty and is branded, established and respected within the industry as the premium brand. KushTown products in the medicated cannabis industry demonstrate that they are a proven market leader as they have created their own footprint in this growing and ever changing industry. KushTown’s goal is to create and innovative delicious, effective, and cutting-edge products that will continue to establish us as the front runner amongst edible companies.

KushTown Soda is founded on the idea that taking your medication should be a life-affirming experience free from shame and stigma. Patients seek out medical cannabis for various reasons. Some are fighting cancer and chemotherapy leaves them too nauseous to eat. Some are wracked by muscle spasms that prevent them from working. Some are plagued by such chronic body aches that they can barely sleep.When a cancer patient picks up a bottle of KushTown Sodas to counteract or ease the pain and ravages of chemotherapy or just to medicate and feel good. It’s supposed to bring relief and joy. Bringing the relief and joy to those who are in pain and suffering is nothing to be ashamed of and the reason we exist.

Kushtown Sodas and Edibles was created when then founders mother (2-time cancer survivor) became ill from breast cancer. She was treated and went through intense painful chemotherapy to help her defeat the breast cancer. Sad and confused, the owner and creator researched alternative methods to help his mother cope with this devastating disease. Through his research, he found that cannabis would help her greatly.  He researched cannabis extraction and created a Medical Marijuana tincture, which he called Kushtown tincture. He gave his mother a single serving of the tincture in tea and she instantly felt relief and began dancing around the kitchen. One hour after medicating with the Kushtown tincture, “MOMS” started drinking the tea religiously and used it to help deal with the aches and pains from cancer. The tincture worked wonders for her, increasing her appetite and also her activity.

“MOMS” won her battle with cancer greatly in part to the Kushtown tincture. After seeing the benefits and results on his own mother, he began to manufacture and distribute the Kushtown sodas and it grew from there. Kushtown has been pioneering the industry with Medicated Drinkables & Sauces. Kushtown Sodas are the most recognized and respected edible company in the industry. We have perfected our products and tinctures to help with the fight of cancer as well as many other diseases and ailments.

KushTown Sodas and Edibles is the trusted source for innovative, effective and delicious cannabis products. We handcraft every product with pure, CO2-extracted THC and a process we’re proud of. It starts with medical grade, distilled THC oil. We work with the best suppliers in the industry to guarantee each KushTown Soda is infused with 100% CO2 extracted, clean oil. We then blend our oil with natural flavors to create the best tasting medicated soda in the market.

Medical marijuana should not be relegated to a treatment of last resort.  Medical marijuana is a legitimate choice among many options to improve your physical and mental well-being. However, as we can see by our federal and state laws, even those states that allow for medical marijuana, that we continue to put marijuana in an entirely different category than other medicines.

We believe that one of the reasons for this paradox is that much of the public, and most of our legislators, still think of medical marijuana as a scary, underground activity. They feel it’s shameful and it should be hidden from the public. Yes, it is legal, but that doesn’t mean they have to like it or make it easy on anyone. And so they do, at every opportunity, with zoning restrictions or even outright bans. This is of course directly connected to a mindset formulated from decades of irrational prohibition which forced honest, hard working citizens to seek their marijuana through illegal means and prevented any discussion of marijuana use from a scientific, cultural, constitutional, and economic perspective.

Compounding the prejudice is the medical marijuana industry’s own self-isolation. In the medical cannabis community, the dominant idea is to run silent and deep – don’t draw attention to yourself. While this is a legitimate short term strategy, it only re-enforces the public’s perception that this is somehow “wrong”. Marijuana use remains illegal under federal law, and it is against many employment contracts and because of this is a sensitive discussion for many. Such concerns give users reason to stay in the shadows. These taboos and stigmas have kept away potential partners and investors until recently. These are some of the problems and opportunities for someone to be bold in this fast growing industry. Now is the time to be bold.

Like many companies KushTown Sodas and Edibles has experienced a rocky transition from a loosely organized start-up to an industry leader. Now we are looking for strategic partners and alliances. We have dreams to dominate the MMJ Industry and to brand and expand nationally. KushTown has operations in California.. But rest assured, we’re making moves.